One pair: you and us

Behind each fact, each challenge, each project, several paths open up to the leader.

Which path to choose? Under what conditions? At what point in time? When to change course?

So many questions that our Exco experts can answer. They support you in your decision making for optimal efficiency.

Beyond a new vision, our experts allow you to take a step back by being accompanied in a reassuring framework, in order to measure the consequences of the orientations that you bring to the company.

Experts from all the firms meet regularly to exchange and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

A wider field of competences

The professions of Exco Tunisia are those of the sphere of chartered accountancy, audit and consulting. The vision of Exco Tunisia is articulated around three strong objectives :

  • Anticipate in order to better support its customers,
  • To structure tools and methods in a demanding manner,
  • Guarantee an optimal level of safety and quality.
  • Identify the risks inherent to the company in order to better control them. To achieve these objectives, Exco Tunisia offers to its customers a set of missions and advice on all aspects of their role of leader. Whatever the field of activity, the objective or the problem, Exco Tunisia advises the managers in the fields of accounting, auditing, legal & fiscal, social, international.

  • Transparency

    To ensure a high quality of result in the missions we carry out for our managers, Exco is committed to :

    • A clear and precise definition of our mission
    • A dedicated team,
    • A unique and long-lasting interlocutor
    • An optimal level of competence
    • Innovative methods and tools
    • Clear communication for a better understanding of our work
    • Enhanced communication tools
    • A recognized signature, guaranteeing security and independence

    Proven expertise

    Teams at your service, sharing methods, tools and training based on recognized quality standards..

    The Research and Development is specifically oriented according to your needs so that Exco Tunisia is the best partner of your company.

    Your benefits

    Be assured on a daily basis that your environmental and economic constraints are taken care of,

    Identifier les risques inhérents à l’entreprise pour mieux les maîtriser,

    To be assisted in the realisation of new projects,

    Benefit from objective and clear advice,

    Have a pragmatic analysis of the financial situation enabling you to make informed decisions,

    Benefit from the listening and know-how of experienced professionals

    Contact Exco Tunisia

    • Résidence Tej Ennasr, duplex N° AD1 Avenue Hédi Nouira, Cité Ennasr 2
      2037 Tunis, Tunisie
    • (+216) 70 288 040