Solutions adapted to each situation

For each of the issues you share with us, there is a corresponding organisation of people and skills in social matters..

Our ambition is to provide you with tailor-made solutions in terms of Payroll Management, Advice on Labour and Social Law, Social Audit, Assistance in personnel management.…

Concrete advantages

Exco's intervention makes it possible to integrate a dynamic approach in the management of people.

Exco's professional teams provide a solution, always customized.

The advice of a professional allows you to concentrate your efforts on the operational management of your company, while being guaranteed that legal obligations are respected.

Exco provides you with a wide range of services adapted to the legal follow-up of your company.

Clear functioning

Exco has developed a specific organisation to ensure high quality results in the missions we carry out for you:

  • A team is dedicated to the mission entrusted to you, You have a unique and durable interlocutor within the firm.,
  • The teams involved in the missions have access to internal monitoring and expertise units,
  • The missions give rise to a personalized presentation allowing an enriched restitution for a better understanding of our work.


To ensure a high quality of result in the missions we carry out for our managers, Exco is committed to :

    A clear and precise definition of our mission
  • There's a dedicated team.
  • A single, long-term contact person.
  • An optimal level of competence.
  • Innovative methods and tools
  • Clear communication for a better understanding of our work.
  • Enhanced communication tools.
  • A recognized signature, guaranteeing security and independence

Your benefits

To have independent, objective and clear advice from professionals whose know-how is constantly being updated.

Have a pragmatic analysis of the situation enabling you to make informed decisions,

Identify the risks inherent to your issues with a professional who can control them,

Optimize the impact of your policy on the company's operations,

To be assisted in the realisation of new projects as well as in their daily management,

Be assured on a daily basis that your environmental and economic constraints are taken care of.

Contact Exco Tunisia

  • Résidence Tej Ennasr, duplex N° AD1 Avenue Hédi Nouira, Cité Ennasr 2
    2037 Tunis, Tunisie
  • (+216) 70 288 040