Exco Tunisie: An international signature

Like you, we are developing our presence abroad!

Our area of intervention is international, wherever you go, Exco Tunisia accompanies you.

Thanks to its expertise and its know-how, Exco Tunisia is a member of the networks:

  • Exco Africa: 1st African network of accounting firms present in 15 countries in West, Central and North Africa. Exco Afrique has a turnover of 15 million Euros, employs 450 professionals and has more than 5,000 clients in Africa.
  • Exco France: 6th largest independent French network of audit, accounting and consulting firms. EXCO employs nearly 2,400 people through 122 offices in France and the French Overseas Territories, Portugal and Poland.
  • Kreston International: 11th largest global network of independent accounting, auditing and consulting firms. Founded in 1971, Kreston covers 109 countries with 192 firms and more than 22,000 employees and partners..

Solutions adapted to each situation

For each of the projects you lead, there is a corresponding organization of people and skills in the destination country. In order to ensure your activity abroad, the foreign local teams always work closely with your local teams..

Proven expertise

Teams at your service share methods and tools, and are trained to assist you in the following areas: setting up a legal structure, acquisition of a foreign structure, support for export operations, legal and tax advice, management of your human resources and the social obligations of employees abroad and expatriate staff.…

Clear functioning

Exco has deployed a clear organization in order to ensure a high quality of result in the missions we conduct for you, we are organized as follows:

  • A team is dedicated to the entrusted mission,
  • You will have a single, long-term contact person within the firm with a direct link to the country of destination of your projects,
  • If you wish, we can check the progress of the work and the sectorial knowledge of your company with the firm that accompanies you abroad

Concrete advantages

Exco's commitment at your side includes your personalised support abroad.

  • The Exco team remains the pivot in the development and management of your project abroad..
  • Each Exco law firm provides you with the guarantee of an associate who speaks at least English..
  • Exco is organised so that abroad, you will be offered the same range of adapted services in the fields of accountancy, auditing, legal & tax or social consultancy as the one you are familiar with.

For a successful international presence

Our international approach consists in collaborating with the best technical correspondents who are familiar with the regulatory specificities of the country of destination.

Together with you, we analyse the overall consequences of possible solutions. Exco adopts a global offer approach in order to allow you to pursue your projects in complete safety.

Your benefits

Wherever you are, to have independent, objective and clear advice from professionals whose know-how is constantly updated

Benefit from a pragmatic analysis of the situation enabling you to make informed decisions in the context of your operations abroad.

Identify the risks inherent to your challenges with a professional who can manage them.

Optimising the economic, legal, fiscal and social impact of your project, both at home and abroad.

Be assured that your environmental and economic constraints will be taken care of.

Identify the risks inherent to your challenges with a professional who can manage them.

Contact Exco Tunisia

  • Résidence Tej Ennasr, duplex N° AD1 Avenue Hédi Nouira, Cité Ennasr 2
    2037 Tunis, Tunisie
  • (+216) 70 288 040